NaNoWriMo Week 3

I have decided to do some daily short-form blogging for a little bit as I hate that I’ve been neglecting the blog again. Today I wanted to talk about how the writing has been going and what’s going on this week.

It is Day 18 of NaNoWriMo and I am at 11,850 words for the month. I hit a wall at some point last week and concluded the best way to work around it was to have a fresh start. Therefore, I opened a new document and started drafting the story from the beginning, essentially summarizing the story. This was a really great way not allow myself the freedom to potentially deviate from what I had already written.

There has been some deviation, but not a significant amount. I was not entirely married to anything I wrote before. The story at its core has not changed, but I did realize how it could be more exciting when I sat down and wrote it as a story summary from beginning to end.

What I think I will do for the next couple of days at least is continue to flesh out this summary outline and add details I may have forgotten. I have already done a general passover and realized how easy it is to add things I had forgotten to include.

I still do not think I would want to write the entire draft chronologically, but it was important to take a step back and do this. Once I am done I will probably move onto the most central and trickiest storyline and make sure I get that right before I add more words to this draft.

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