A Typical Day in the Life

My work-life balance is at an all-time weird for me. I thought I’d document it here on the blog today, because I think it’ll help explain why I struggle to write and blog these days. In hindsight, it gave me some clarity on how I can make better use of my time!

I wake up every morning between 5-6 AM. I have multiple alarms, starting as early as 4:30 AM, and the ones I select to turn on each night depend on how late I end up staying up; proper bedtime is never as early as it should be. Once I’m out of bed, I get a coffee going. Sometimes I have belVita breakfast biscuit, but more often I do without. Although this week I’ve had reheated oatmeal I made in bulk this weekend.

The earlier I wake up the more time I have to write or work on other personal things before I have to leave for work. Depending on where I work that morning and how much I have to do, I usually have to be at work at 7:30, 8, or 9 AM. If I am going in to work 9 AM, then that usually affords me time to walk Opal to a nicer area a little further than where we live. Otherwise I try to arrange a leisurely walk around the apartment complex before too many others are up and about.

I will work until 11:30 AM or 12 PM and return home for about two hours to walk Opal, give her lunch, and have my own. Lunch is usually a sandwich or leftovers. This part of the afternoon goes very quick. I’m not currently very good at being productive during it, so I’m happy if its nice enough weather to give her a longer walk so it counts towards my own exercise.

I go back to work at the other job at 2 PM and work until about 6 PM. Since the time change, it is dark when I get home and it very much feels like the day is over. The first thing I immediately need to do is walk Opal again, and usually this is a longer walk to apologize for leaving her again in the afternoon. Then I figure out dinner, which is usually quick and unhealthy if I don’t feel like cooking, which is most days.

Lately I have been taking Opal to a day camp once a week, which I plan for days when I have more flexibility at work to take a little extra time for myself to write this November. On these days I can go to a cafe or take care of errands at lunch without needing to come home.

I feel rather fortunate to have been able to set my own schedule for the most part at both of my jobs. I just need to figure out how to make time for my personal projects. I think weekly goals might help and better organization, which is why I really want to pick up the bullet journal again this December and plan for 2020.

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