Lunch Time Coffee Chat ^_^

I broke the chain today of morning blog posts. Sorry to anyone who was coming to enjoy them. Hopefully I’ll resume with them tomorrow. I’m loving doing it and it seems like a lot of you are as well, so I want to keep it. This has turned into something really fun and fulfilling.

Today I took Opal to day camp, which is both why I couldn’t churn out a blog post this morning and why I’m able to type this up right now. I got home around 11:20 AM, got comfortable, and started preparing dinner. I feel a little guilty sending Opal away, even though I know she has fun and it’s good for her to be able to interact with others. But I still feel apologetic when I pick her up, so I wanted to make sure the apartment smells of beef caldo when we return this evening.

Making caldo is a process. You got to brown the meat for two minutes on each side, add cold water and gradually bring it to simmer. And before you can add the veggies, you have to skim the top of the grey bubbly foam stuff that rises to the top. I’m hoping I can do that before I need to leave at…1:15 PM? Yeah.

I chopped all the veggies up (carrots, cabbage, corn on the cob, and celery) already, so I just need to add them to the pot when I get home. I’m too squeamish about leaving the stove on while I’m away, even though it’s an electric one, which means the caldo probably won’t be actually ready until about 9 PM. Thankfully I shouldn’t be too hungry after work.

These days I require an afternoon coffee to keep myself from getting drowsy at work around 4 or 5 PM. So my lunch today is a coffee and belVita, which is oddly filling.

I’ve just used the last Verismo pod I had for my Starbucks coffee machine, and I am so excited. This weekend I bought a new coffee machine, a traditional one that requires grounds and a coffee filter. I’m so excited. I’ll be able to try new kinds of coffee AND program the machine to start in the morning before I get out of bed. Have any coffee recommendations? Leave them in the comments. Preferably recommendations I can find in US grocery stores or order cheaply online!

Work has been pretty fun this week, at both places. At my new-ish job, I have been doing a lot of shopping, for company swag, office snacks and organization, and even decor. It’s awesome. I’ve never been a plants person, but it was one of the first things my boss said he wanted to get for the office. Since we both no nothing about plants, I’ve been doing some research. It’s become really fun!

Now THAT is a blog post idea. Maybe tomorrow’s…We’ll see. It’s 1:09 PM! Got to go.

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