I Haven’t Given Up on NaNoWriMo…

…but it’s highly unlikely I’ll win at this point.

I should have spent today writing, but I haven’t. This weekend was off to a great start, but my apartment is a mess and I have a lot on my mind. Where to begin with this blog post?

Let’s start with Friday.

Friday was our company Thanksgiving lunch at The Roaring Fork in downtown Austin. It was fucking amazing. I had spit-roasted half chicken, which is half a chicken roasted with green beans and sausage stuffing. Holy moly. Never have I had stuffing anywhere, especially a restaurant, where the stuffing could compare to – and maybe even surpass – my mom’s homemade stuffing. Side note: I managed to make a pretty good vegan one in 2017 that I would like to try to recreate if I can find any notes I made about it…

Anyway I wish I had been able to take a picture of my food, but I was surrounded by people I barely know and I don’t want to feel like a tourist – which I still totally am in this city. Hopefully I’ll find a way back to that restaurant one day.

I got home around 4 PM that day and was able to take a gorgeous walk with Opal. The sun hadn’t set yet and it was so beautiful, especially in contrast to the day that it started as – grey, misty, and cool. I posted pictures on my Instagram, which I rarely post on anymore.

So today I woke up normal time (around 5:30 AM) took Opal for a short walk and then went to the grocery store because I needed to buy coffee. I have my new coffee machine, as you might recall, and I ran out of my last Verismo pod yesterday. It took a little while to clean the machine before I could start brewing my first carafe, but it was great. I can’t wait to pick up better coffee at Central Market and other fancy schmancy places.

What have I done since then? you might be wondering. Well, as I mentioned at the start of this blog post, my apartment’s a mess at the moment. Did I clean? No! Well, just a little, but mostly no. I did some online shopping.It’s not as bad as it sounds; I only bought one thing. Well, I guess it’s still bad, because I wasted so much time today!

You see, my apartment becomes a mess quickly during the week because I still don’t have enough furniture for things to have a permanent place in the apartment. Most everything I end up using during the week or bringing home ends up on top of an IKEA table I got in 2015 when I moved to Dallas for grad school, Opal’s crate generously gifted by my parents, or my kitchen counter. I’m talking jackets, shoes (to keep them out of Opal’s mouth), recycling, mail, cleaning supplies, traveling mugs/food containers, etc.

There’s literally tiny mountains of junk behind me right now, which is why I wanted to finally buy some new furniture bits and bobs.

I’ve not done this sooner, because I’m still paying back money I borrowed to make my move over here this August. I tried to buy some new things in October after getting my new job, but thankfully Target ended up canceling the order – thankfully because it ended up saving me from a little more debt. I try to be pretty selective, because I want anything I purchase to be things I’ll be happy with five or ten years from now. I think I’ve done a good job thus far.

For all my efforts I only ended up purchasing the kind of matching media stand to my World Market desk. It’s in my favorite style, midcentury modern, and will go in my bedroom so I can set my TV and books on it. It will free up the boxes it currently sits on so that I can access the contents of those boxes and use those boxes in my living room as “table top” space.

I would really like to buy the shelves I got at work for home, but I figured I’d wait and see how they turn out before doing that! I also think white cubicle shelves would be great for out here in the living room, but it’s less urgent. Maybe it’ll be a January purchase.

Once the new stuff arrives, I may finally share a small apartment tour. I started one in October, but that furniture I mentioned never arrived – thankfully – and so I saved it in my drafts. I’ve since moved things around in here, but I think I will be as close I can will get to a final layout once the new shelves come in next week. I may endeavor to visit Home Goods next week and see if I can find anything else that would suit my interior style preferences.

Obviously furniture is not the only thing on my mind. I feel like it was a form of distraction from more serious matters. I’ll start that post after I publish this one and hopefully have it up bright and early tomorrow.

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