Happy Holidays + 2020 Blog Plans

Sorry I went MIA for December. I was not properly prepared Blogmas at all and hoped my enthusiasm would propel me through the month. I was wrong. I think if December had been more calm and uneventful, it might’ve. But I have no way of knowing these days what a month is likely to turn into. That’s one of the cons to being a part-timer twice over.

First let me say that I did not come back to simply do a December recap. I’ve recently come to some realizations that will affect this blog and where I want to dedicate time next year. So keep reading for all the news. This post will likely self-destruct next weekend.

This post became really long! I recommend getting a cup of coffee or tea, whatever floats your boat, and getting cosy.

December Recap

I mentioned in my monthly wrap up last month, that my parents were going to Las Vegas the first week of December and I was dogsitting Ty. I had really been looking forward to it, but it was a lot of work. I was happy to be free of the little menace by the end of it. He was here for eight days and it felt like eight months. I won’t get into it; I’m trying to repress it lol.

Rather than let this post become over-long, I will summarize the rest of the month in bullet points. For more context on job-related bullet points, I recommend refreshing your memory, or catching up, on my blog posts from November.

  • Decided I would in fact be leaving my Office Assistant job in February. I mentioned at length my predicament in a two-part blog series last month: Time to Talk About the F- Word and Carving my F- Path. I knew I didn’t want to be come full-time, but I was still optimistic they might make it work for me. Instead, I learned this month I would get what essentially amounts to a pay cut. So the job search resumed.
  • Lots of shopping. I was shopping for office decor, home goods, and Christmas presents (personal and for the office). I was close to becoming burned out on shopping. I also made so many returns this year too. It can be fun, but it was equal parts a headache at some point. This is the first year I can say I was happy when the holidays were over.
  • Company bowling party. That was a bit of a headache to coordinate, because we started late and we wanted to make sure it fell on a day everyone could attend. I didn’t even want to go in the end, but I’m glad I did. It was fun and went by so quickly.
  • Signed up for healthcare. Yeah. That’s a thing I had to do. It took some time and investigating options, and I realized it would probably be best to pick something reliably good so I could resume taking care of my on-going health issues before they become more problematic. I’ll be paying around $170 per month on this plan…I can afford it, but it’s not where I’d prefer my money to go.
  • Found out I could become full-time at my other job! I’ve kept my boss updated on my job situation and he said he could make me full-time next year when the other job is over. He probably could do it in January, but I think he wants to allow me time to wrap things up well over there. It was a surprise and something that has afforded me the freedom to think about what I actually want to do with my life instead of continuing to apply for other jobs…
  • Car issues. I had a Service Engine Soon light go on on my car about three weeks ago now and I wasn’t able to fix it before I had already drove to visit my parents. I took it to AutoZone and they diagnosed the problem with the Mass Air Flow Sensor…or Filter. I can’t remember. So the car was running really poorly, and I had to take it very easy on it. Once my Dad was able to look at it, he said the battery was corroding, so I’m glad I let him deal with that. I have a new battery now and the car is running more smoothly now. Whew.
  • Decided I want to grow my technical writing portfolio. Since August, I thought I wanted to become a virtual assistant. My inspiration was Rosianna Halse Rojas, who was John Green’s assistant and eventually turned into a producing partner or something like that. I wanted to assist amazing people with their creative projects. Long story short, I realized it makes more sense for me with my current situation to contract services that are less constrained to traditional work hours. So I now want to develop my technical writing skills and market them on a contractual basis.
  • Drove to visit my parents for the holidays. I spent five days in the valley and drove down there for the first time on my own. It was not a bad drive, other than on that Friday I drove down because it was raining. I’d hoped to work on the blog during that time, but I was happy to spend quality time with the family instead. I was also working remotely a few hours that Monday and Tuesday before Christmas, so I didn’t have the most time unless I wanted to ignore everyone around me for additional time. Opal had the best time and was only a little naughty. I felt guilty taking her back home with me.

I drove back to Austin on Christmas Day, so I’d have time to prepare for work on Thursday. I was the only person at the office, which is why I came in: so the full-time personnel could all have the day off. It was really nice. I enjoy being able to work alone when I have a lot on my mind, which is often. I got a lot done.

Friday was crazy. It was filled with more shopping, for office decor and plants. When I returned to my tech company job (I need to find a better short-hand for this job), I was bombarded with so many packages! My boss and I have both been ordering things, so everything got here while we’ve been out I guess. It was like Christmas, opening up the packages and putting things together.

That brings me to today. I’d hoped to get most of my housekeeping done before the weekend, but it didn’t happen. Allergies hit me hard when I got back and so did some old spicy queso I ate yesterday leftover from our company party almost two weeks ago. So it’s been a slow day at my apartment. And rainy so Opal’s been going a little stir crazy.

I only shared the major highlights of the month above, but there’s a lot of little things I could not see how to summarize in bullet points. But that brings me to my 2020 plans for the blog.

2020 Blog Plans

I feel like my blog has been on shaky ground all year long. It started off pretty well, but I’ve always gone back and forth over what I wanted this blog to be. I’ve wanted it to be a professional blog that I could share with employers, but I’ve also wanted it to be a space where I could document personal aspects of my life. When I’ve been forced to confront that I can’t do both, I’d step away and let other things preoccupy my mind.

Now with more changes on the horizon, I feel like I know what I have to do and what I would like to do. And for the first time, I think these two things are aligned pretty nicely.

First, let me provide some context because it will explain how limited I will be on time next year. I am most likely (I’m managing my expectations) going to be become full-time in February at the tech company I’ve been working part-time since October. I feel incredibly lucky. It’s a sweet gig. There’s going to be a lot of exciting things to work on: onboarding new employees, taking on more HR duties, and finding a new office to accommodate a growing company.

I might also land a new part-time job next week! I have an interview next week for a new part-time role in communications with a liberal dog policy. I could bring Opal! The hours sound like they will be primarily at night on the weekends. Ahh! It may have growth potential something more specialized in communications, which has me extremely excited.

So where does that leave the blog?

I have decided that I want to make this blog space a more professional space where I can showcase a portfolio of work and post creative job-related content related to office managerial work in small company settings, side hustles, digital creation, and technical writing. I might also dabble in internet analysis, because I find that kind of content fascinating.

I hope that everyone currently following my blog will find something to enjoy in the new blog direction I have decided to take. It doesn’t mean I’ll be removing my personality or life-sharing completely from future posts, but it will be less frequent. I may share tid-bits of life at the start and ends of posts. I really like the idea of quarterly Letter from the Blogger style editorial posts. I think that Instagram will become a more lifestyle-oriented place where you can keep up with how I’m doing on a personal level and to a lesser extent maybe Twitter.

I also still would really like to start YouTubing next year…But I feel like there’s enough that I need to sort out with this blog before I think about that!

This has become a really long post already. There’s more I thought I’d say, but I’d leave this post off here and a start a new one I’ll share tomorrow. :)

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