Blog Housekeeping Before the New Year

This post is a continuation from yesterday’s in case you haven’t read it yet. At the end, I announced this blog is going to become more of a professional space for me to showcase a technical writing portfolio and job-related posts. Today I want to delve into what that means for you and what I work I will begin undertaking to revamp this blog.

If you have ever undertook a major blog rehaul project, please let me know in the comments! I’d welcome any insight or tips.


First, I will be updating blog navigation.

I’m going to be honest, I love Sanne Vliegenthart’s blog / website navigation and layout. I may move toward something closer to that, with an About, Blog, Portfolio, and Freelance tab at minimum. The Blog tab will be a space where I keep life and/or work updates. Once I’m producing regular explainer, tips, etc. job-related posts, they will likely get their own tab at the top.

Next, I will begin looking into new WordPress plans.

I foolishly purchased the Business plan in spring thinking it would be the kick I needed to dedicate myself to building the blog. But at that point, I didn’t even know I would be in Austin pursuing traditional job opportunities with growth potential. So I want to downgrade next year as my latest future plans do not involve making my blog profitable.

Finally, I will be privating old blog posts.

There are a lot of blog posts I have posted in the past that I find personally valuable as snapshots of the various lives I’ve lived over the past couple of years. But I don’t think anyone else needs to see them, especially not people who I hope would want to hire me. I’m not ashamed of anything, these blog posts just are not a reflection of the vision I have for the blog moving forward.

There are some posts that probably will still hold up that I may decide to leave. But there are also so many inconsistencies across those posts, referencing past blog names and with broken links. I’ve also not always been great about spell-checking or writing concisely. It’s just easier to start fresh than to polish posts that I don’t want to dedicate more time to.

I wanted to be transparent with you all before I start this mini-project, because I have no idea what posts others may have bookmarked or whatever. So if there’s a post you like or reference occasionally, please say your goodbyes or find a way to save it before next Saturday, January 3rd CST.

Time Frames

A goal without a plan is just a wish, as the saying goes. So I do think I need to talk time frames for a bit. I made my final decision about the blog about two weeks ago, and I would like to stop thinking about this so I can start focusing on actually creating things.

I’m not sure if I will be able to get all this done this weekend. I do not have a lot to do today other than plan for next week, and fortunately I have Wednesday off both jobs. That is unless I want to go in to my tech company office and fix things up I can’t manage to complete on Tuesday…But I will aim to enjoy the holiday.

But yes, I think I will plan to take care of the reorganization first.

I am really feeling like blogging at the moment. I would like to start writing new blog posts for the new year. I don’t currently have plans for a blog schedule, but I do aim for regularity of some sort.

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