How I’m Staying Busy While Social Distancing

Hello. Back again with a quick little blog post before midnight strikes! Sorry about the lateness. Hopefully I’ll get a head start sooner in the day tomorrow. Truthfully, I thought about blogging all day and couldn’t think of a good topic. Now I have several of course, but not enough time to pick one and delve into it.

First I thought I would just give quick life update. I just showered and I want to do dishes before bed so I can cook lunch tomorrow before my Blue Apron produce goes bad!

Today was very chill and overall I’m feeling pretty good. I had a lot of fun with Opal and feel like I have more clarity about the future after a remote 1:1 with my boss. Not perfect clarity, but I’m a little more certain about the future now and happy with my choices thus far. I just really want to start using this time productively.

Tomorrow I’m taking Opal to day camp. I’ve been taking her about once a week for socialization since I’m her only human and she doesn’t get regular off-leash play-time with other dogs. A lot of people love her around the apartment complex, but I’m not social enough for her to get the kind of social time I want for her to have!

I’ll miss her because I seriously love having her at home when I’m at home, but it will save me time to work on my own stuff without planning good walk or meal times for her. I didn’t get much done today for reasons I will not delve into at this time. Ha!

So my plans for mandated “social distancing” time?

  1. Figure out taxes. I’m missing two W-2s so I’m going to file with an alternative form that requires guesswork. If I don’t get a refund, fine. (I’m fairly certain I won’t owe anything.) I just don’t want to get in trouble for not filing.
  2. Work on German again. I haven’t used DuoLingo in a long-time and I got very far originally with the language practice, so I want to rededicate myself to it and hopefully become fluent in something other than English. It’s a pointless goal, but we all need one of those right?
  3. Officially relaunch the blog. I renamed The Inky Saga and want to convert the blog to a more professional kind of blog, so this is an excellent time.
  4. Learn JavaScript via Flatiron School. I discovered this self-guided learning website last year and want to continue with it. I had plans to talk about it last December, but then New Year’s happened and everything got put on hold.
  5. Catch up on Startup School classes. This is another free opportunity I learned about last year after reading up on side hustles. I signed up for the mailing list and registered to “audit” the classes since I don’t have an official startup venture yet. I’ve not watching any yet and I’ve been eager to start.
  6. Read! I want to finish Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo soon and other books I own that have been on my TBR far too long. Books I have will be the subject of a near future blog post.

I also have regular work projects to develop so a lot of time will be dedicated to paid work.

It’s 11:42 PM now so I’m going to go. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Let me know how you’ll be spending your time if you are lucky enough to have more free-time than usual due to social distancing.

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