A Three-Month Plan for Becoming Freelance Ready

Good evening to those in my time zone. It is 9:38 PM as I start this blog post and I’m currently having productivity sprints with my writing buddy while drinking the last of a bottle of sauvignon blanc. In the past I would’ve called these writing sprints, but I am not writing at the moment. Instead I am planning for the next three months.

As I started this blog post late again, let me summarize my day real quick. Took Opal to camp this morning. It was hard because she didn’t want to be dropped off, but it’s also the reason why I have to take her. She could easily become too dependent on me and suffer from separation anxiety when I have to return to work :(

I was able to get some essentials (e.g. milk) and nice-to-haves (e.g. chicken pot pie) at the Central Market grocery store near her camp. I also picked up a few things for the office, as I don’t want us to go completely dry on the snack front during this time. Then I came home, did a few hours of work on projects I discussed with the boss yesterday on our 1:1.

Today and the day before I tried to nap between 3-6 PM. I haven’t napped in a long-time and it’s something I see a lot of value in now that I am able. It helps to detach from social media and world news. It also helps since I don’t think I sleep very well at night in general and sleep is important for overall health. (Note to self: experiment with digital detoxes in the near future.)

Anyway it was a good day. Before picking up Opal I cooked Greek-Style Farro Salad from my most recent Blue Apron box and it was terrific. 10/10 would recommend. If I had a good picture I would share it, but my apartment has terrible lighting

Our Zoom meeting was cut short on account of bad weather. Damn! Well we had a good chat and catch up before we got productive, so I’m glad we were able to do that at least. I still need to finish this blog post though!

I mentioned yesterday that I want to use this COVID-19 pre-quarantine, social distancing time for personal and professional development. I threw out some web services I was using, but I still lacked a proper plan for what I want to actually accomplish. While it’s not certain how long I’ll be able to work from home, I still think that the timelines I’m setting tonight will still stand regardless.

Until March 31st I want to continue daily blogging. Maybe I’ll continue afterwards in some capacity, but I don’t want to quit before. I keep postponing until the last minute, but it’s not that hard to keep up with. I’m not worried about quality or purpose. I just think this is a fun challenge and way to connect with others while a lot of us are being more social distant than normal! :)

By May 1st I want to have a complete technical writing portfolio to show potential clients and/or companies that may be hiring. I feel like this is something I have procrastinated on due to lack of focus and perfectionist tendencies (i.e. if it’s not going to be great then why bother mindset). I just need to do it, set deadlines for pieces and act like they’re life-or-death.

Creating a portfolio could actually be pretty fun. It might entail learning new skills in order to bring my visions to life, but I have a choice in what I do so I don’t have to suffer with software I don’t like.

Also by May 1st  I want to be prepared to post regularly on the blog at least twice a week. I do not think daily blogging is a sustainable blog project and I do want this blog to eventually be more professional in nature, but I do see it having tips and tricks that apply to anyone who communicates or is interested in digital media. I want to do blog posts that involve research of the technical writing and new media industries and highlight avenues of professional development. Also I want to share information that would be useful to people who want to start their own businesses.

By June 1st I want to be ready to reach out to potential clients. That will entail having this blog be professional and ready to stand out as a place for people to discover me. I’ll need to have my services and pricing laid out on page and probably in a PDF. I’ll also want to have an email template for “cold calls” and a list of people/companies I think would be good fits for what I have to offer.

I’d also need to have an invoice template, contract templates, and established methods by which to approve clients as I wouldn’t want to work with people who may be unreliable or have demanding personalities that are incompatible with my own.

That’s what I’ve come up for this far and why now I feel I have even more clarity regarding what I need to work on right now and what I need to prioritize. It is now 10:10 PM and I want to spend some quality time with my girl Opal before bed so I will talk to you tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s post will be about…Books I want to read in the near future. There, I said it; no take backs. I don’t need to procrastinate tomorrow because I know what I’m writing. Boom. Take that, future Lori.

How was your day?

6 thoughts on “A Three-Month Plan for Becoming Freelance Ready

  1. thewolfandbooks

    I hope your three-month plan succeeds!
    I am working on my manuscript editing certificate. I’m curious. What is technical writing?
    Is it anything like copy editing?

    Good luck!

    1. Lori @ The Inky Saga

      Thanks! Technical writing is more traditionally about writing help pages and documentation for specialized companies in fields like technology or science or medicine. It can involve multimedia these days. Copy editing I think is more editing something that already exists than creating?

      Where are you getting your manuscript certificate from? I always wanted to work in publishing but didn’t choose a college that had a lot of classes geared towards that. I only took one editing class, which was awesome, but not enough to give me confidence I could offer that to potential clients :/

  2. Ruth Serrano

    I love your post. It’s right on point. I do hope to see you succeed in your goal. Setting deadlines for you to reach your personal deadline is certainly helpful. I agree with you, when you’re working from home and you’re freelancing, it is easy to lose focus not only on what you are doing but also on your goal. Sticking to what you want to achieve could help you develop further.

    I also found in my own way that getting help is somewhat necessary. I found this newly designed platform for freelancers at startup business enthusiasts at https://www.therisr.com/. It is going to be launched on June; perhaps you might find it helpful somehow.

    I’d be following through your journey :) thanks for your post :)

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