A Sunday To-Do List

Today was kind of a bust. It’s been chilly and rainy all day, which I normally would love. But I’ve been feeling a little lethargic, so it did not help much. Because I’m feeling lethargic, I am not even motivated to read Ninth House, which I was hoping to finish this weekend. It’s just not an emotionally uplifting book!

I want to find something funny to read…

I have a few different blog post ideas that need more time to develop, so today I thought I’d share my to-do list for tomorrow. It might be fun to see how many of these things I actually get through and tomorrow’s post could be a recap.

  1. Cook Mexican-Spiced Shrimp Lettuce Cups. I meant to do this today, but I’ve been snacking all day and it felt like more effort than it was worth when I wasn’t that hungry to begin with.
  2. Pull out clothes I no longer want/need. They are taking up a lot of space in my closet. I’ll probably need to sort into second-hand shop and charity shop piles.
  3. Pack away winter clothing I won’t need for a while. These clothes have taken prime closet space I need for clothes I wear on the regular.
  4. Do laundry. I should be able to put everything away and not leave out after I’ve accomplished #2 and #3.
  5. Vacuum bedroom
  6. Mop kitchen/living room
  7. Reorganize bookshelf and living room. I brought home more furniture over Christmas break from my grandmothers’ homes and I still have a mess to sort through and put away that I never did.
  8. Clear off island bar. I’d like to start eating and working there and it’s been covered in mail and storage for a while.
  9. Figure out the Austin Public Library system. Download the app, create an account, whatever I need to do.
  10. Give Opal bath or (if still raining) just a feet bath. Her toe nails need some maintenance.
  11. Take Opal for another good hour-long walk if possible. I did that this morning and felt great afterwards.
  12. End day with clean kitchen. I always leave my cooking mess until I need to cook again. It’s terrible and makes it hard to find motivation to make good kitchen choices.
  13. Call PetSmart to schedule Opal for camp. Probably Thursday again…
  14. Read at least 100 pages of Ninth House. If I start tonight before sleep, I’ll be kind to myself and count those pages towards the total. :)
  15. Avoid YouTube/Netflix until evening. I’ve not even been enjoying anything I watch, so it’s double wasted time in my books. Because of my lack of curtains, it’d not even great to watch things until the sun has set.
  16. Watch Startup School video: Startup School Orientation W2020. I have eight videos total that started in January and have come out about once a (or every other) week. Time to start again.
  17. Figure out a learning plan for Trailhead. Another skill I want to gain is in Salesforce, because I think I’d be interested in working in sales for tech companies.
  18. Write blog post for tomorrow before Netflix unwinding time. That way I’m not scrambling before it’s too late in the evening.
  19. Zoom with Sara and write (if she’s available). I actually did some writing yesterday with her and it was wonderful. I have some new ideas that I might share tomorrow…

Okay I need to go. I think it’s stopped raining and I know Opal wants a longer walk before bed. I also want to wash my hair tonight before it’s too late AND just remembered I haven’t done my German practice for the day! Argh.

Golly I let this day slip by. Saturdays have been that way for me for weeks now, though, even before “social distancing” so I don’t have a good excuse. It should be relaxing, but I’m always stressed about something I’m not doing. It’s a bad cycle I need to quit.

Anyway let me know in the comments if you have a huge to-do list for tomorrow! Solidarity!

5 thoughts on “A Sunday To-Do List

  1. devouringbooks2017

    You should try and find an audiobook to listen to during your busy day! I listen to text to speech on my kindle fire so I tend to always be listening to and reading a book. But if you need something funny I think you probably need a fluff read. I’ve been having the same issue lately. With the depressing state of the world right now I just CANT read books that are slow or sad right now. So I just downloaded Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes bc it looks like it will be a light and funny book. Sara Shepard and Rachel Hawkins are two of my go to authors when I need something lighter and fun. I typically turn to “fluff” reads when I’m feeling on the edge of a reading slump. I’m going a little stir crazy already under NYs stay at home order so I plan on getting some cleaning done and hopefully some reviews and blog posts as well. It’s just hard to be stuck in the house so at least with a to do list you feel productive. I’ve actually found that listening to some music helps cheer me up too. With my dad freaking out about having to close his business and my mom working in the hospital my house is just full of far too much stress and I need some happiness so… funny books for me!

    1. Lori @ The Inky Saga

      This was such a good idea. I tried to accomplish my “figure out the library” goal last night, and it takes 2-3 days to process library eCards. Buuuut my family has amazon prime so I decided to look into audible deals with that and I can get two books free during the free trial! Woot! Not sure what I’ll try yet though. I’ll figure out after I walk Opal :)

      Sorry to hear about the NY situation! I hope after the panic abates your father can successfully reopen. I’m personally hoping that property owners are kind enough to waive rent during this time…It would be so helpful. I’ve been lucky during this time, but a part of me worries about what would happen if my boss just decided to cut costs by letting me go D: That’s a lot of people’s reality.

      1. devouringbooks2017

        The whole COVID 19 thing is just sooo stressful. I’ve been out of work for a while now. You start to feel a little stir crazy. I just hope it doesn’t last too long and that I can find things to keep myself busy.

        Did you wind up finding a good audiobook to listen to while cleaning? I am baking some cookies now… took a LOT of searching to find a recipe that would work with the supplies we had without depleting too much of our necessary food stuff. Anyways.. I’m trying to keep myself busy and my mom was freaking out all morning so I told her we have to stop watching the news ALL DAY. It’s just making this situation even more stressful and while we need to be informed, we don’t need to constantly be stressed.

      2. Lori @ The Inky Saga

        I hope you’re able to convince your mom to stop watching the news lol I had the same problem with my parents last weekend when I was with them. I wanted to enjoy quality time with them and watch Netflix, but all they wanted to do was watch the news when they weren’t working on taxes. They aren’t stressed out by it, but I just don’t see a point to watching the morning news, the 6 PM world news, the local news at 5 PM and then 10 PM. It’s so repetitive.

        I hope your cookies were nice. I would’ve loved to get baking supplies, but I find it hard to enjoy cookies/cake without milk and it’s going to be hard to keep milk with groceries stores the way they are at the moment.

        Audiobook-wise, I address it in the post I just published for today. I needed to focus and think about clothing I was discarding/organizing so I didn’t think it was the best choice to hastily pick an audiobook. I was thinking about The Mystery of Alice by Lee Bacon, which is an Audible Original (whatever that means) and/or Always and Forever, Lara Jean, which is the third book in the To All the Boys trilogy. I haven’t read the first two, but it might be fun to know the book ahead of the third movie :)

      3. devouringbooks2017

        So I’ve actually already convinced my mom to take a step back from the news. And now I’ve got her telling her friends to do the same thing since they’re all freaking out. (My mom and all her friends are nurses idk if I said that before.) Its just not healthy to keep reading and reading the news. It’s all anyone talks about and it is depressing.

        The cookies were fantastic and we were able to make a meal too. It’s hard to find recipes without many ingredients but right now we’ve just gotta make it work. Like a while back mom really wanted to make chili and we had most of the ingredients already at home but we couldn’t get ground beef. We substituted ground turkey and I couldn’t taste the difference.

        I saw the first All the Boys movie but never read the books. Definitely not my typical read, but looks fun and lighthearted which is what I need lately. I looked up The Mystery of Alice and now I’m putting it on my own tbr!! So thanks lol. I’ll also check your post!

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