A Sunday Wrap Up

It is 1:21 PM as I start this post! Hurrah for knocking out another to-do item. I won’t quite finish this blog post until about 6 PM probably, but I’ll have the bulk of it done because it is a wrap up of the to-do list I created for myself yesterday.

I got a little bit of a head start last night before bed. I was hoping to find an audiobook to listen to as I did chores yesterday, per Devouring Books suggestion. I ended up trying to gain access to the Austin Public Library’s digital catalogue, but my application will take 2-3 to be approved.

I decided to then look into our family’s Amazon Prime membership to see if there were Audible deals and there was indeed. You can download two free audiobooks on Audible with a free trial. I wanted to choose wisely, so I didn’t end up redeeming credits yesterday or today as it turned out. I felt like the wardrobe work required reflection and focus so I didn’t want to make a hasty decision I would regret.

Anyway here is the list from yesterday along with notes on what I accomplished!

  1. Cook Mexican-Spiced Shrimp Lettuce Cups. It wasn’t my favorite but wasn’t my least favorite either. Opal helped me eat the shrimp!
  2. Pull out clothes I no longer want/need. It was a smaller pile than I thought it’d be.
  3. Pack away winter clothing I won’t need for a while. At first I was just going to put in cardboard boxes, but then I decided it’d be better if I organized them and put them in bags in my empty suitcases, so they keep better. After coming to this realization I sat down for a break to start this blog post. I didn’t quite get back to work but it shouldn’t take long once the rest of the bedroom has been dusted to pull out the suitcases…
  4. Do laundry. I didn’t finish, but I did it…that counts.
  5. Vacuum bedroom. Nope. Need to finish clothes first
  6. Mop kitchen/living room. Nope. Need to finish bedroom first.
  7. Reorganize bookshelf and living room. Nope. Need to clean everything first. (Yes, these are consecutive tasks.)
  8. Clear off island bar. Nope. (See comment above.)
  9. Figure out the Austin Public Library system. I discussed this one in the introduction of the blog post! I’m waiting for access.
  10. Give Opal bath or (if still raining) just a feet bath. I didn’t do this, but I did spray her belly and legs with medication solution that kills bugs I suspect she has been bringing in from the wild. I take her for walks along a creek and open field with tall grass, so it’s necessary to start using now that it’s spring. She hates getting sprayed but doesn’t seem to mind it once it’s done.
  11. Take Opal for another good hour-long walk if possible. I did this first thing in the morning! It was a little miserable at first, like it was yesterday actually, because I’m an old lady with a sore back in the morning. But by the end I felt stronger and I feel so good afterwards.
  12. End day with clean kitchen. Yes!
  13. Call PetSmart to schedule Opal for camp. I changed my mind. I figured I’d take her every other week to save her camp days for when I truly need to use them.
  14. Read at least 100 pages of Ninth House. I came to the realization it’s probably not the best read, but I still want to continue. I’ll just have to pace it out. Slow and steady.
  15. Avoid YouTube/Netflix until evening. Fail. Actually I was great in the morning until lunch. I had a chicken pot pie that put me in a food coma and then I was good for nothing until about 6 PM…
  16. Watch Startup School video: Startup School Orientation W2020. I didn’t quite finish, but I started it! I realized towards the end it’d be a great blog series to review so that will likely be the subject of a few blog posts in a few days! I already started the intro post.
  17. Figure out a learning plan for Trailhead. Nope.
  18. Write blog post for tomorrow before Netflix unwinding time. Well I had the TV on while I started this blog post and turned it off once I realized I wasn’t paying attention. I sat down for a break after making good progress on my closet. I had Super 8 (2011) on while I did that, because I didn’t want to listen to an audiobook. Love that movie.
  19. Zoom with Sara and write (if she’s available). This was the second thing I accomplished today! While out on a walk with Opal, I texted her asking if she wanted to write with me at 10 AM. I low-key regretted it after I got home, as I would’ve preferred to read this morning. But I’m really glad I didn’t because I wouldn’t probably gone to bed after my shower and the day would’ve been shot!

I’m writing this conclusion before I finish all the notes on the items I checked off my to-do list today so I can publish earlier than I have been. I’m feeling hungry all of the sudden so I may cook before I finish with my clothes. I predict I won’t vacuum/sweep/mop today, but hey there’s no rush. It can be done tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a little exciting. I’m onboarding a new employee who was unexpectedly let off his previous job early. He was supposed to start with us in April, so this was happy surprise. I think our team could really use him and it give me something fun to do. So I’ll be at the office tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll do some exploring downtown to see what’s open.

If I can support local restaurants during this time, I really want to. I’m seriously debating stopping my Blue Apron subscription and doing my own grocery shopping with recipes I now have and splurging when I feel like it on places that are still open and keeping people employed…Yeah, I think I’ve just talked myself into it. Better to support them now instead of later. I can restart Blue Apron if necessary in the future.

I don’t know what tomorrow’s post will be yet, but hopefully I complete the much needed housekeeping. I want to have more nice spaces to work that aren’t my comfy chair or my desk, which isn’t so nice all the time.

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