I’m Done Going Out (I Hope)

Today I went into the office mainly because I had to onboard a new employee. I also had some general office maintenance to perform, including watering plants, sanitizing surfaces, restocking kitchen stuff for easy access. I even saw my boss today. I wasn’t expecting it. It wasn’t entirely pleasant; he’s stressed right now.

But it was a productive day. I successfully got invoice confirmations and miscellaneous paperwork I needed done.

After about four hours in the office, I decided to try and pick up some not-essential-but-nice-to-haves from the grocery store. There was a short line outside everywhere. I have become more impatient with age, so I’m not going to wait in lines for things I don’t need. Especially on warm, muggy days.

As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to pause my Blue Apron subscription so I can support local restaurants. Not so sure that’s going to be possible anymore. Austin is expected to get a shelter-in-place order soon. Maybe that’s why the grocery stores had lines today? Maybe people don’t realize those are staying open?

Anyway I had Wendy’s for lunch and picked up Thai food for dinner. I also stopped by Target, because they didn’t have a line. The grocery section was mostly ransacked, but I was able to pick up some soda and microwave meals/snacks for work and box wine for personal reasons. I’ve only recently become a wine person, and I hope I like it. But not too much if you know what I’m mean ;)

I’m not sure when I’ll go back to the office, but I am hoping to stay home during this order. I have everything I need for myself and Opal. I don’t think I’ll get bored to soon. I have a lot of housekeeping still to do and self-learning to work on. I also just got my virtual library access approved so I can read on my iPhone or iPad now!

Today I didn’t get much personal stuff done and I don’t feel like doing anything tonight beyond maybe read. I’m finally feeling like reading Ninth House again. I think I’m on my way to an ear ache, so tomorrow I’ll probably lay low from cleaning, which stirs up dust, and perform some self-care. I’m talking face masks. I’m talking hot bathes. I’m talking…wine. Ha! I got to go.

Hope you’re doing well wherever you are.

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