I Did Go Out… + DuoLingo Update

I thought I needed to go to work to pick up package. Turns out I didn’t. My boss was there again. I guess he’s just going to be there every day. I don’t think he has good internet service where he lives.

Anyway it was good I went because I got the frozen food I bought for the office out of my freezer so I have more room when I need it. Also the soda I had in my trunk won’t be weighing down the tail end of my car.

So I didn’t get much done today – again. I’ve been seeing people give Animal Crossing so much free promotion, and it got to me. But I don’t have a Nintendo Switch, so I got the Pocket Camp version. I’m not even sure it’s the official app version; I didn’t specifically go looking for it. I was actually looking for other app games akin to Farmville, which I loved once upon a time.

But the game is not why I didn’t get much else done! This heat is taking some time to adjust too. I take Opal for her walks and come home sweaty and gross. It throws me off. It makes me tired. This unofficial vacation from going to the office regularly (I’m still doing work) came at a good time. I hate the heat. Especially when it comes from rain.

I tried reading today but ended up napping. What’s going best for me at the moment is my German practice. I’ve been refreshing myself on the stuff I mastered last year. I’m finally approaching new skills…

There’s not been a lot that I’m excited to watch on Netflix/Amazon Prime, but I am excited to restart two German shows I discovered around 2018: Dark and Babylon Berlin. I think the last season of Dark comes out this year. Thankfully they finished filming before the coronavirus; I follow the director and some of the actors on IG.

The third season of Babylon Berlin came out about two weeks ago. It is very cinematic and reminds me of Boardwalk Empire in terms of atmosphere. But I never finished season two; I wasn’t liking the direction the story seemed to be going. It’s kind of a depressing show. I only want to watch it again to put my listening skills to work.

I’m getting to point on DuoLingo where I know I need to start journalling my new vocabulary words so I remember better. If I find a good system for that, I’ll be sure to share on here. I remember that I meant to incorporate it into my bullet journal last year, but life changed and the bujo became impractical.

I do truly hope these blog posts to become less life update and more topic-based for those who do not care about the mundanity of my life at the moment. I almost didn’t blog today, but I didn’t want to ruin my streak. Neither did I want to have it be a throw-away post where I said nothing, so I’m glad I remembered I could talk about DuoLingo.

If you want to follow my progress or be buddies (not sure how networking works on it), my username is Laurel603125. I’m almost to Checkpoint 3 again…

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