Last Night Was a Fever Dream

I had coffee around 11:30 PM last night, after finishing my blog post. It was leftover from earlier in the day. I immediately felt revived. At that time I decided to get really productive. I started tidying up my desk finally and throwing away trash (mostly tissue and dog wipes).

I showered pretty late last night as well. And opened the Franzia white zinfandel box wine. It was great. It helped combat the sinus headahce for a little bit. I decided to watch some TV before bed, which means Netflix or Amazon Prime for the record. I don’t have cable.

I found The Pale Horse on Amazon Prime, which is based on an Agatha Christie book. Last year I watched Ordeal by Innocence, which was fantastic. The Pale Horse was less exciting or captivating but just creepy enough that I wasn’t too scared to watch. Actually the denouement is what really got me. I was worried I might have nightmares. While the story was not that remarkable, it was short and mostly entertaining. If you like psychological thrillers, it was more-so that.

It had Effy Stonem from Skins, if you know who that is. She’s like my age, so it was so baffling to see her married to Rufus Sewell, but the show addressed that she was a young wife, so whatever. I let it slide. 

So I went to sleep around 3 AM and woke up properly around 10 AM. Not great sleep, but I got up on account of Opal. My sinuses are still bad as of this writing around 6:57 PM but I know I’ll sleep much better tonight if I manage to stay up.

It just sucks that it’s so windy and Opal needs long walks to tire her out. Very soon into my walk at 4 PM, I inhaled pollen. Literal pollen. It was falling everywhere. And I couldn’t do anything about it. It was miserable. I sprayed my nose as soon as I got home and took more generic Mucinex, but I won’t feel better until my shower tonight and nightly generic Benadryl.

Because most people in my area work from home, I assume, most of them are off around 5 or 6 PM. So I think my days of walking Opal right before sunset are over. There were so many people out last night. And few are willing to step aside to keep 6 ft of distance. Assholes.

The only difference between shelter-in-place and whatever-the-hell-we-were-doing-before is that people are not supposed to gather with others outside their households. I don’t think many are obeying. I get that everyone needs fresh air, but come on.

Anyway I finally accomplished the main thing I meant to do this weekend, which was to clean my living room and desk area. I took a picture after dinner of the rearranged furniture and set-up. My desk had a runner I removed to wash. A lot of stuff in the little bookshelf was on the desk. With the free space I put my candle collection in the corner on the right.

The table in front of the window was not there before. There was a gorgeous mid-century coffee table I found discarded at the dumpster around January that is now on the wall opposite the desk, now housing my recycling and Google Fiber hardware.

I plan to use the desk for proper work time. It already has my work MacBook Pro on it and I will not longer eat there as I’ve done in the past. I debated moving my desk back to my room as I originally had it, but I don’t have to have to move my TV stand again. I only have two walls to put things against and Opal loves having my bed by the window. Picture to come!

At the window table I’ll do personal stuff, like Zoom with my writing buddy and write. I’ll also have my meals here, which I rarely do without my personal MacBook Pro to keep me company. I just had my Tilapia & Creamy Romesco Sauce from Blue Apron with white zinfandel. It was pretty fantastic. I am stuffed as usual, but I’ve just skipped breakfast since starting Blue Apron. It’s a fair trade-off.

Since I mention her a bunch, I thought I’d share cute picture of Opal from this evening. She helped me finish the tilapia and still hasn’t eaten her own dinner, which I brought to my bedroom for her. It’s all expanded now from the water I put in it. I’ll spare you that picture.

That beaver Kong toy is one of her favorites. She’s yet to pull the tail off or separate the body from the log, but she’ll lick it and keep on keepin’ on.

I had been thinking about visiting my parents again in April, but today I decided against it. I shared one of the best videos I’ve seen on Twitter that explains the need to #FlattenTheCurve given our shortage of ventilators and other tech, and their response was so unexpected. While they recognize the need to stay indoors, they were so combative about the video and the explanation. It’s seriously so frustrating to watch them lose their minds. To summarize, they think young people are the only ones not obeying #StayHome orders and that scientists are “fabricating numbers, insulting people’s intelligence.” That’s an exact quote.

I don’t even know how to respond…They made up the numbers…They’re called estimates! And they were low estimates so as not to be hyperbolic. Like, how do you think science works?!

I have no idea how to understand them and refuse to try anymore than I already have for my own mental health. Honestly, I think they’re watching too much news and economics-focused commentary. They are very anti-“government handouts,” which they justify with the we-believe-in-people-putting-in-hard-work mentality. They’re completely ignorant to the systemic problems that perpetuate poverty, which is really ironic but at the same time exemplary of what they were lucky enough to experience that is not everyone’s reality.

Sorry. I don’t know why I’ve started venting. This incident was a big part of my afternoon. I’m ending today on a positive note. I was productive and I’m in a good place to get a lot of stuff done tomorrow that isn’t housework.

I truly think this will be my last life update post. I don’t want to let this blog become a place where I put all my anxieties or negative thoughts. Tomorrow I’m determined to get back to the goals I set for this time.

I’ve not done my German practice yet and will likely try to get to bed early tonight. I best go now to watch something before I need to take Opal outside one more time and shower…Plus, I need to get her to eat her soggy dinner!

(While I’m apparently venting, I will say if you notice any typos that make it look like I’ve typing with a stutter, there’s something funky going on with my MacBook Pro since I updated to OS Catalina. Halplplp . )

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